Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look what happened today! Day 30

So today around 11:30 this is what we drove up too.....

I love the little side window.  That is Miss Allexah's room :)

Photo from a distance :)

Literally on the 3rd day of building and they have it framed! I emailed our PM and asked when they thought they would do the weather wrap and all the other good stuff and he said this evening!  He also said the house will be completely framed as of tomorrow and shingles for the roof are set to be delivered tomorrow as well!! Woohoo I am waiting to hear back on setting up a time to walk through the home before the drywall is placed.  We leave for vacation soon so I hope we can by Friday.

My husband and I went back by this evening and took a photo of the backside of the home.

They are a little dark but you can see the morning room.  They are putting the framing up for the roof :)

Other exciting news...
We went to Ashley furniture this evening and got the sectional I have been eye balling for about 3 weeks now! My husband was able to get them to honor their previous discount as well.  I am so excited to start decorating.  I love this type of stuff!! Thanks to my mom she gave us a ton of new curtains so we are set in that department! Gotta love that! 

Until next time.....

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Woohaaaooooo!!! you already have a roof!!??!!

    Its like watching a tape on fast forward....:-)
    Pretty exciting!!!

  2. Looks like your house is coming together nicely (unlike ours). looks good.