Saturday, May 18, 2013

*Day 17* photos

Garage has been back filled
Support beams placed
Driveway :)

Not much to update on as of yet.  The city has inspected our basement walls and they passed!!! Woohoo right!? LOL.  Our PM said the only thing left before the lumber arrives Tuesday is to pour the garage floor and basement floors.  But we need a "dry" day.  So hopefully this past Friday they were able to do that!

Still waiting to hear back from NVR.  I think they are just buying time at this point.  I will update more once we head to the lot this week for lumber photos.  =]


  1. So exciting!! I can't wait for my Florence! I'm jealous of your basement, they don't do those in our community because of the soil! But we did get the morning room which I'm excited for. I would have loved a finished basement though too!! Glad you found my blog and I'm glad I found yours! Looks like we aren't too far apart on our timeline!

    1. I never thought about soil being an issue! The basement is a definite must we looked for in a home. Before we decided to build I said 4 bedrooms and a basement. Who knew everyone looked for that as well.

      We are really close in process time!! Yours may even move faster not having a basement which is good for you!!