Sunday, May 26, 2013

Framing has begun!!! Day 27

Here we are close to Memorial Day and the crews work diligently to complete the next step in our home.  I feel like its moving so quickly now that we are out of the basement time zone.  We arrived to our lot yesterday around 2 PM after our PM Adam emailed and said they started framing today.  It is about an hour drive from where we are staying so we hopped in the car and drove out.  When we arrived they were starting to place the floors.  The kids and I took a walk over to peek into the clubhouse.  They are having a grand opening next week with a dj food and drinks!! We are so excited to possibly meet our neighbors.  Everyone we passed while there went out of their way to say hello and were really friendly.  Which is wonderful.  

After creeping the site the kids wanted to go in the model and chat with our SR's.  They always have treats :). I love going in and getting ideas for decorating.  I wish you could hire their interior decorator.  Sherrie informed us there is a model of the Florence in Liberty Ohio.  Which wasn't far from the outlet mall.  We decided we would check it out then go shopping! We have actually never seen a model of our floor plan!! We have however seen our neighbors almost finished one at our pre-construction meeting.  Yet, they didn't have a finished basement or some of the upgrades we got.  We hopped in the car and made the trip there.  I absolutely loved it! It's a perfect size home.  Not too small or too big!

In this picture the truck has sheeting on it.  They are flipping the sheeting onto the house and another guy is securing them down.

Flooring support is placed.  A lot going on as you can see.

Taking a walk to the clubhouse 

This is a view at the clubhouse but also from our bedroom window :)

The pool is almost finished!

After going to the Florence model and spending time at the outlet malls we decided to swing back by the house on the way home.  Which was about 5 hrs later.  So around 7:30.  This is what we seen.....

The first level practically framed!

There are actually 4 guys still in there working away!

Kind of Dark but this is the side of the garage that hasn't exactly been framed yet.  

It was so cool to see the morning room area and window cut outs.  Hopefully next time I can get closer photos.  It was super muddy today and my kids would have loved the adventure but this momma was not dealing with dirt in her freshly cleaned car!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!


  1. Wow that was quick!! Looks like they got alot done already. Now I can't wait to see ours...

    We have a block party too at our neighborhood next Saturday. Can't wait to meet our future neighbors...

    1. I hope yours moves quickly as well! I hope you have a blast at your block party :)

  2. How exciting. Glad you loved the model, it is hard to visualize your home with a small floor plan and samples.

    1. Oh my goodness it sure is! I have been having a hard time with furniture visulization and such. So glad we were able to see it. And that I liked it!!! HA