Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anyone have Mahogany Orient Silk Laminate?

A little hiccup recently in our flooring replacement.  We have the heritage heights Honey Oak laminate in our kitchen.  Which I have loved.  It is amazing to clean and holds up great with our pets.  The only issue was that parts were bubbling and separating.  We have been waiting since January for them to order some replacement boards.  There weren't any left over when we moved in.  Yesterday Rite Rug called and said they are no longer making that floor color.  So they had something in stock of similar color but would have to replace the morning room and kitchen.

Kind of a plus because I really was hoping our current flooring was darker.  So I asked if we stayed in the same flooring group could we get something darker to replace the rooms.  They were fine with it.  I went to the store but didn't see anything as dark as I wanted.  The representative sent me a photo of Mahogany Orient Silk.  Which is darker, not as dark as I was thinking but it is growing on me.  I wondered if anyone had it?  Is it dark?  We have maple cognac cabinets in our kitchen.  I am wanting the flooring to be darker than the cabinets.  From the photos it looks darker.  Sometimes pictures are deceiving!

Please share your blog with me if you have it and don't mind me taking a peek :)

Thank you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pantry issue solved...

Many of you may have read a month or so back that our pantry was EXTREMELY cold.  Also, during the warmer months it was about 10 degrees warmer in the pantry.  Our bread would mold a lot quicker.  After having Del Monde out and the main project manager.  They have decided to add a vent in our pantry. WOOHOOO! What a relief to finally have that worked out.

They will be coming this Friday to replace the laminate flooring in our kitchen.  There were a lot of bumps and separation between it.  To us it looks like whoever installed it was in a hurry and hammered the pieces in to rough.  So hopefully we won't have to worry about this anymore.  I have really enjoyed the laminate floors.  We have a large dog and small dog and it has really held up with their paws.  A wood floor would not have stood a chance HA!

I have been working on a few other projects in our home.  I loveeeeee Etsy and Pinterest.  My most recent project was fabric canvas art.  I made them to go on the main large wall in the stairwell.  It was about $60 for everything and I still had PLENTY of fabric left over.  I honestly could have spent less but I wanted a certain type of fabric print.  So of course it was more expensive.

I bought everything at Hobby Lobby---

2- 2 packs of 16x20 blank canvas
4 cardboard words
Painted the words black
Chevron fabric to wrap the canvas's in.  I then glue the words to the completed project.

I also had an old window from my grandmother's childhood home.  I had some extra wallpaper so I glued it to the glass and hung a piece of wall art I already had on hand.  It was a great space filler!

Hope you all have a great week!