Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fireplace mantel project

So if you have been following my previous posts, my husband has been working on finishing a mantel to hang in the front room of our home.  It's the room you walk into when you come through the front door.  The actual floor plan has it listed as a formal dining room.  Since we have the morning room and gourmet island we didn't feel it was necessary to put a dining area in the front.  I really struggled with what I wanted to do with that space.  With the high ceilings and partial wall I wanted something that would fill the room.  I started pinteresting and loved the idea of a fireplace mantel as a decoration.  When I grew up my mom had a fireplace mantel as decor in one of our living rooms.  So I started searching and found a fairly large mantel at a antique store for $130.  Which was a fabulous price!! Some I called on were $400.

Once we purchased it my husband sanded it, primed it with two coats of primer.  Then it was decision making time on color.  I have a peppercorn (grey) accent wall that the stairwell is on that is partially in that room.  So we decided to use the same color for the mantel to bounce off of each other.  The hardest part was cutting the lip out so the mantel would set flush on the wall.  This piece is solid oak.  So it was a PAIN to cut through.  Especially since it had layers of wood and hidden staples.  A lot of smoke and frustrations. Yet, now that it is over and done  I absolutely love how it turned out.  Especially, at night from the street it just looks really elegant.  I have some old window frames from my grandmother's childhood home I am working on refinishing to put in the center bottom of the mantel.


We have a loveseat in front of the mantel with a ikea LAK side table and cute pillows with large buttons.  I am in love with this room.

Our next project is the back splash in our kitchen!