Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pre-Settlement and more...

I can't believe we have  been in our home a month!  It seems crazy to think we waited so long for this home to be done, and now the time is flying by while we are there.  The past week we have managed to complete a lot of the projects we had planned to do when we first moved in.  We changed out a few light fixtures in the home to something more personable.

**Are you building a Ryan Home?**  As you know with selections almost everything is extra.  One thing is lighting pre-wires in every room. Our last home we did not do this, mostly due to the cost. When we built this one we knew this was a MUST!  We had about $1500 in lighting cost.  A little trick you can do with your home, if offered.  The dining area usually (don't hold me to it) comes with the chandelier and pre-wire.  If you know you are not using that room as a dining room to start, or want something different.  Ask them to move the chandelier into the morning room.  Then you have a light in there (it doesn't come with one). Then just do the pre-wire in the dining room.  You will just a a bulb in there, or you can do with the bravo light included.  We just did the bulb since we knew we would be changing out some lighting.  We moved things around so it all worked out.

This past Friday was our pre-settlement meeting with our PM.  If you have been following my blog you know we have been having issues with our flooring install.  Ryan homes actually took on fixing some of our damage and billing the company for the work.   They came out Friday and replaced all the damaged pieces on our island and the areas in the hallway that were knicked from install. It looks brand new again and I am so happy!  We have the best Project Manager.  I can honestly say that he has been on our team from day one and makes sure all is good with our home.  A few things we had to have them fix....
  • Doorway trims 
  • Paint/Patching touch ups that were missed
  • Settling of our master bathroom door (Which he said is normal in the Palermo)
  • Kitchen Cabinet (flaws and hair line cracks)  we have the level 2 which are wood.  So they will expand and scratch easily.  There were a few areas that needed repainted and filled in.
  • Replaced outdoor lamp post due to broken glass.
  • Installed gutter drain due to one missing
  • Replaced Chair rail on one wall in our dining area.  It was split from one end to the other.  
  • Drywall fixes (this will be done on a different date)  
Still waiting on...
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior Paint
  • Driveway and Sidewalk
We will turn all our drywall fixes in around 10 months.  This time around Ryan only gives a one time Drywall fix.  Since we had so many nail pops the first time we are going to wait for them to get this all squared away at once. 

Before your settlement go around your home and check every nook and cranny.  Make a list because once they arrive things are easy to forget once they start talking about how they will fix it.  Mark off everything as they fix it and keep for your 10 month to double check and make sure it doesn't need addressed again.

We have been satisfied with out home so far.  I have kept my husband busy decorating and hanging things daily.  Hopefully once we square away the main levels we can take a break.  Our future projects are as follows:

  • Mudroom landing station--- We are going to DIY and I am hoping for this. Mudroom Inspiration
  • Deck (Hubs will build)
  • Debating between reusing our Invisible fence or getting a fence, which is a lot of $$$$$.  We took our invisible fence system from our last home (the box and collars) which should save us about $500.  We are looking at $800 for install of the wires.  Or a aluminum fence can be anywhere from 6k-8k. EEEK  Since we are a corner lot we really have no way to keep other animals out and also keep our kids boxed in.
  • Subway tile back splash in kitchen.  We plan to do the same as we did the last time. --Subway tile back splash
In the next year or so....
  • Finish basement bathroom and add another bedroom to the basement. 
Check out my photos below of the progress we have made!  I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!!!

We have since added this beautiful wood light fixture and the cornice valances.

Kitchen, I love love love the farmhouse theme.
Another view.  We hope to attempt the back splash in the fall.

Thankful for really cute local boutiques, Ikea, Marshalls and Etsy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Almost 2 weeks in our home!

We officially closed on January 6th, 2017 @ 10:00 am!  Our closing was easy and painless.  We were in and out within 30 mins.  NVR was great and we even received a $24 overage check!

As most know we had plans to tear out some flooring to replace with new on our first level.  That morning I received an email from the flooring company letting us know the trim pieces were not in. They asked if we wanted to continue or wait until 1/16.  I was not a happy camper!  I specifically asked them if everything would be in and ready to be installed that day.  I paid several weeks before that for the material and no mention of the back ordered trim came up.  I of course wanted to proceed because we had planned our whole weekend and move around the floors and painting.

The flooring crew did not arrive at noon as promised.  They arrived at 12:30 and asked to come back the next morning because they will have more people and can finish  by that evening.  I wasn't happy but as long as they could finish by Saturday it was going to be fine.  Well Saturday comes and TWO GUYS, I REPEAT TWO GUYS showed up.  They were super careless when they tossed around pieces of flooring in my home.  They cut terrible trim holes out for the flooring to fit in and they damaged my island.  I had a severe panic attack and had to leave my house to calm down.  Meanwhile, my husband was there helping the painter get the house painted in the main areas.

Fast forward to that evening.  The crew for the flooring didn't leave until 11 pm.  They did not finish the floor because they were short on the quarter round.  They also did not replace my island the way they found it.  The island had crowbar marks all over where they pulled off the trims.  We emailed and text the manager since it was so late to let him know our disappointment.  We are STILL waiting for our transition strips to be installed and for some areas to be fixed.  Thankfully the flooring company has contacted Ryan Homes (Our PM) and he is going to fix the island issues and send them a bill!    I am sure it is worse because we are tearing out and putting in, but they were super careless for our new home.  The flooring itself is BEAUTIFUL so I have no regrets there.  My issue is with the finished product.  They did not complete it and were going to act like my island was fixed.

On to more exciting things!  Our house has been great.  I love love love everything about it.  We are getting used to no grass and no driveway.  There is a ton of mud everywhere and it has rained almost everyday.  We are having to drive our dogs to green spaces for potty breaks.  Thankfully last night around 9 pm our PM sent a email saying he had contacted the landscaping crew and asked them to drop off bales of straw for our dogs to use.  That was incredibly kind of him to do without us asking.

We have successfully painted the whole first and second floor of our home.  We have a few areas that need a second coat but it all looks great.  I haven't been able to decorate like I wanted but I am getting there.  Blinds were installed the Tuesday after we closed and I am so thankful for those.  Especially in our powder room that has a huge window.

Here is a list of everything we have done so far since close.....

  • Replace flooring in foyer, mudroom, powder room, sitting room, kitchen and morning room.
  • Replace entry way light with a beautful flush mount Chandelier.
  • Painted the whole house (except basement) in Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams)
  • Painted our kids rooms the colors they picked
  • Unpacked most boxes
  • Installed Blinds
  • Ordered Window treatments for Morning Room
  • New light chandelier for morning room (I have it but haven't installed)
So much more to go!  Attached are a few photos from our move and installs......

Once I get everything kind of decorated I will share photos! Things have been crazy around my house.  Being off a week really didn't help me get things completed!

BEST BUY FYI: We purchased our fridge through them and was shocked to find out they will NOT deliver if you do not have steps at your front door.  We have a built up gravel space that is VERY sturdy but they wanted nothing to do with it.  The guy said they would come back when I had a driveway.  Um say what?!?! That would be April/May.  Thankfully our movers were there unloading us and were so kind to bring it in for us no issue.  

I also will make a post in the next week about my fixes and things you should look for right after you close.  We have found a decent list but nothing that needs attention at this very second.  All fixes are scheduled for next Friday.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Week 15: Closing Week (PICS)

Oh my gosh I have been horrible with updates.  That is mainly because we haven't really been able to get into the house and the outside is basically done until the spring.  They have held off on some of the exterior paint due to the temperatures.  Our PM said they likely could come at anytime if it is a warm enough day.  As for the yard and driveway, we have to deal with none of that until the Spring.  We aren't thrilled about it but it is what it is.  Our PM says it honestly is the best time because it isn't super cold and the concrete is less likely to pop and crack so much.  We have two dogs so the next few months surrounded by mud no driveway will be interesting!

We had our final walk through yesterday which took about two and a half hours.  Our PM explained warranties and all the things our home had to offer.  He went over the appliances and furnace with us as well.  Once that was all done we walked through the home room by room with him to look for anything we may see that needs fixed before we closed.  He honestly walked through and marked several items on his own or already had it notated to address if we pointed it out.  They planned to use today for all those fixes and then they would clean before we close!

We close at 10 am Friday morning!  We stuck with NVR and did a LPMI Conventional loan 30 years.  Thank goodness we locked when we did.  We were able to get 3.6125 as our rate.  The rates for a regular conventional loan were 3.375, but since we went with the one you get rid of the PMI the rate is a little higher.  We still are winning since the rates have increased over time.

NVR sent us our final closing disclosure and it was accurate to the estimate so that is good! I know a lot of people worry if it changes much and ours did not.  Can't wait to get our keys.............

 The moment you have been waiting for..............

FINALLY the right cabinets are in!!! (1/4/2017)

Indigo Blue Front Door (a few weeks ago)
Front of Home (12/23/2016)
Appliances are in (12/23/2016)
Stove and Microwave are in (12/23/2016)
Door (the pillars still need painted white, waiting till it is warmer)  Check out that amazing sidewalk we have till the spring!

We have the flooring crew arriving at noon tomorrow to start covering up the vinyl.  We also have painters arriving tomorrow to try and paint the main areas of our home over the weekend!  I will for sure take photos once we close as well as the after photos to share.  I  think the flooring is going to transform the area.  We also purchased a REALLY pretty chandelier for the entry and morning room.  I can't wait to get those up and share.  If you can't tell I love to decorate.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Please comment any questions you may have about our building experience.  I love sharing and helping others.

Siding and Counters (12/10/2016)

Today we visited our home again with my mom.  She works such a crazy schedule she didn't even know where our lot was!! More surprises today, they started siding yesterday and installed counters (partially).  Check out the photos below!

These are still not the cabinet doors we selected....the granite color is correct though!

Siding started and we LOVE!!!!! It is beautiful.

Below is a photo of the actual model home we toured of the Palermo and had the kitchen inspiration from.  In this picture you can see what the cabinets should look like.

More exciting news--- When we originally planned for our home we were told the three car garage would have a full concrete driveway.  However, at our pre-construction meeting they let us know that they had changed the third car to a skirt vs the full length.  My husband has a decent sized truck so he would not really fit in that space.  We asked our PM about having the other done in the spring when they poured our driveway.  It would of course be an additional cost.  He took it upon himself to go to his manager and ask for ours and another home being built to be grandfathered into the old plan.  We were given false expectations when we signed and he felt we deserved it.  It was approved and he called us with the fantastic news! Our PM ROCKS :) 

All else is going smooth! Carpet will be installed this week.  As mentioned in previous posts we did basic so I am worried about how it will feel. I tossed around replacing the carpet before we move in, but my family says we need to wear it out a few years and replace later.  I am not a fan of the vinyl all over our main level.  So I can't wait to cover that up the day we close.