Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 11: Behind on updates

A few weeks behind but honestly not much crazy has happened until this last week.  Our house has been bricked, and we are still waiting on siding.  We maybe getting siding today as I type this.  Ryan homes and their siding crew had some issues they didn't agree on and the crew fell behind due to having to redo some homes.

Looks like we will be without a drive way until the Spring.  Super bummed about this!! The weather has been quite chilly lately so they have stopped pouring the driveways and sidewalks.  They will pour our porch though so we can utilize our front door. 

Interior wise we are now past the drywall/mudding phase.  Most of the trim work is completed with a few areas that need fixed or they didn't have enough material.  Once all the trim work is complete they will be painting everything a beautiful stark white!  We didn't have them paint for us.  I am kicking myself for it in some ways.  I would love for the paint to just be done all together so we could move in and hang stuff.  However, I loathe flat paint.  It shows everything and with 3 kids and 2 dogs I need something I can wipe.  Our goal is to try and bust out paint in the main areas of the home before we move in.  

Cabinets---now here is the doozy!  Our cabinets were installed last week.  I went by the house and was surprised to see when I peeked in the windows the cabinets.  However, as I looked closer we noticed that the cabinets did not look like the ones we picked. They were white but they were not the door design I selected from the model home.  I rushed home and pulled my paperwork and saw painted linen and assumed it was correct but Ryan had installed the incorrect cabinet.  Frantically I sent our PM and Sales Reps an email letting them know of the mistake.  Much to my surprise the cabinets on the paper work matched the cabinets in our home.  Yet, that is NOT what I selected during our meeting.  We pointed at everything with our sales rep and she printed the selection sheets.  Come to find out both white cabinets are called "Painted Linen" except one is Rushmore and the other is Sonoma.  Thankfully our representative had wrote on our folder Sonoma and on the master sheet accidentally selected the wrong name.  Ryan homes is fixing this and has ordered all new doors for us to replace the ones currently in our home.  They assured us that this will not hinder our completion date.  WHEW!

Windows- We have a total of 17 windows in our home and we ordered faux wood blinds for 14 of them.  I didn't order any for the morning room since I plan to make valances for those.  They will be installed the day we close!

Flooring- We selected all basic flooring for this home.  After viewing the options and the cost during selection we decided any upgrades we would do on our own.  Our first upgrade will be done before we move in and that will be replacing all the vinyl linoleum on the first floor.  We will be replacing it with the Mannigton Restorations Laminate Historic Oak Charcoal.   So we will be installing this in our entry way, powder room, morning room, mudroom, kitchen, and dining room.  Super excited about this!  We plan to upgrade the carpet in the first year or so.  

Closing dates-  We have been told that our final walk through to visually see our home and see it complete before close will be on 1/4/2017 @ 9:00am.  Our closing date is 1/6/2017 @ 10:00am.   We are so excited and trying to plan everything to line up so we can hopefully move in the following weekend after flooring and paint are completed!

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions!

Entry/Foyer looking in from Dining Room
Entryway looking into Dining room we will be using as a sitting room :) 
Powder room with huge window
Kids bathroom with added vanity
Kids bathroom tub
One bedroom

Door off living room into my office
Basement stairs
Basement with mounting wired.  The hole in the wall is our water access. 
Kitchen with gourmet island.  Waiting for the granite counters to arrive and new cabinet doors.
Living room with wall mount wiring
Upstairs hallway 
Room two of four
Master bedroom with wall mount wiring
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom