Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 16 and more....

In my previous post I mentioned asking our PM to let us know when our water proofing would be finished. He has been awesome with communication!

Email Monday Evening.....


The waterproofing is now installed on your home and I wanted to let you know since you had mentioned that you would like to see it applied to the wall system. The window to see it is small as we are planning on backfilling the foundation tomorrow. Let me know if you have a question about it that you would like for me to answer. 

Have a great evening,


Email Tuesday afternoon.....


The backfilling is occurring as we speak.  The waterproofing entails wrapping the outside of the foundation wall with a plastic membrane and topping off the drain tile material with additional gravel.  I have attached two pictures in case you were unable to check it out this morning.  Call or email back with any further questions. 






The fact he took photos and emailed them was so impressive.  Definitely makes you feel better knowing they want to show you progress so you don't miss out.  

These are the pictures sent from our PM.

From what we have been told by outsiders this is the high end materials used to keep out water and so forth.  Definitely do not want to deal with flooding!

NVR updates

So for those who read my post title "rant/vent" about the closing and financing selections here is an update.  Friday our loan processor with NVR called and wanted to go over the numbers I got from Union Savings.  He was trying to say that they were comparable in rate and closing.  Which they were not!  It took me about 4 times of explaining how to read the Good Faith from Union Savings until he finally seen the big picture.  He asked if he could have the weekend to look it over and would call us Monday. 

Monday evening rolled around and he did indeed call us.  Since our file is still in underwriting he can't access it to send us a new GFE but he says that he and his manager sat down and crunched numbers to where they can match the quote.  I will be interested to see this since the other bank allowed us to lock at 3.375 and pay our closing.  Here is to hoping they really can do this!

I have to say in a side note that our loan processor has been nothing but kind and helpful! He completely understands why we are searching and he has a job to support his company in keeping people from not using them.  Yet, I also have the same job to do for my family.  I just want to make sure my fellow bloggers know it hasn't been that we are being mistreated it all strictly comes down to business and closing a deal.

That's all I have for now...Next week our lumber arrives!! Which at the rate I have seen they frame the whole home in two days!!! 


  1. Hope you hear good news from NVR. We signed sheets indicating what incentives were tied to using NVR and which ones were not. To still receive the NVR-tied incentives, we basically would have to not qualify for the loan. You can also shop around for settlement services. The only real set figures are any prepaids for insurance, taxes, county/state assessed fees. A lot of the other fees are variable.

  2. Love the progress!! Can't wait to see the framing :)