Monday, September 23, 2013

SOD adjustment

I completly forgot to add!  For those of you watering the heck out of your yard.  We just got our first water bill.  We are billed every two months.  Our bill was $225 for water and sewer.  Which is HIGH to me.  I was dreading this bill.  Inquire with your water department about a SOD adjustment.  Our water company said that our county will give adjustments for new built homes who need to water their grounds for obvious new landscaping.  We are waiting for them to get back to us on the adjustment amount.  I just wanted to share :)

Life in the fast lane....

Wow.....I have been really wanting to be  blogging away lately.  Yet, I have been busy with starting a new job and the kids starting school.  Then to throw in our new home and organizing.  What a crazy hectic life.  Yet, I wouldn't change it for the world.

We finally had our 30 day inspection.  After two visits from the gentlemen doing the repairs everything is done until our 10 month.  Our list consisted of these items:

Master bathroom toilet made a horrible sound everytime it flushed (this took two times to fix)
Trim piece by the sliding glass door needed replaced.  It looked like they used beavers to cut it to size.
Our front door flooring trim piece was scratched up horribly.  So they replaced this.
The hall bath upstairs had not been sanded behind the toilet when they installed everything.  It was a mess.
Our master closet had a light moved.  So when they patched the hole it was not painted.
Stain was spilled in our hallway upstairs.  After two attempts it came out! Whew.  We were so worried we would have to replace it.
Settlement on the side of our home--We are still waiting for them to level out our 5 remaining feet of property/land.  They managed to forget!  Our dogs would not be happy if we shorted their invisible fencing :)

Really these were all minor things.  My poor neighbors dishwasher had been down for almost a month!!! Every time they tried to fix it they had the wrong part, wrong color of machine, or it didn't arrive.  I can breathe easily and say I could survive with the other things.  But not without my dishwasher HA!

Our street is really booming.  We picked a great lot and I am so happy.  Our house is on the end of our "section."  So beside us we have the much larger homes!  Which are so pretty, but the way we face our views are phenomenal and no one is in front or behind.  And no one will be in front or behind of us.  This is because it is breaking into the other development section.  Another cool thing we found out.  Our neighbors have quintuplets who are all the same age as my daughter! Plus they are all girls.  They also have two boys for my son.  Our yards back up to each other so it will be a backyard block party all the time.

I know I had mentioned I would post pictures.  I only have two for today!  One is of the new rug I got at Kohls for our dining room and the other of the picture wall I did in our basement.  I literally have only hung photos in our basement, bought two couches and mounted our tv.  I need to do so much more!  One step at a time....

Enjoy and hope you all have a fabulous week.  Also, fall season is here.  Check out my candle website to order some yummy scents for your homes.  I have been warming scents with my windows open.  I love hearing people walk by our home and say, "MMMMM something smells so good."  Plus their inexpensive.