Tuesday, May 14, 2013

*Day 14*

Basement Walls!!!

Finally our Basement wall foundation has been poured and we are right where we need to be timing wise.  I feel like a total BIA lately because I have been constantly emailing someone at Ryan Homes or NVR.  I am one of those people who likes everything in order and on track.  So if things look like they are slipping I start to freak a little.  I need to work on that.

I emailed our PM and asked about why we were behind people who started after us and he responded and said we would pull out ahead because our framing/lumber will be delivered 2 days before theirs on MAY 21st!  But to keep in mind we will all probably close the same week.  That gave me piece of mind.  I also asked if he would give us a heads up when the water proofing of the basement started. Which was planned for this past Friday the 10th.  But since it decided to come a hurricane rain fall it was postponed. My daughter and I decided to run by on Mother's Day just to see if their has been any progress.  She loves to see where her new home will be.  Especially where they are at with the pool and clubhouse. LOL.  To our surprise they removed the framing and you could actually see the walls!! What a great Mother's Day gift :)

Below are the pictures we took on Sunday =]
Front of home.  The gravel is where our Drive way will be.
Inside of walls.  The gravel fill in is the garage.
Looking down into the hole.  There was some water build up.
Nothing to worry about according to our PM.  
The little cut out is a window :) this is still facing front.
Standing on the right side of the home.  The "L" shape will be
Our finished portion.  Then it veers off towards the back 
We hope to finish that later on with maybe another bedroom.
Allexah loving the progress =]

*I am going to make another post today with out most recent progress and NVR financing updates!*

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