Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*Day 8* Just Snailing along

Of course yesterday it rained all day long so I didn't even waste my time driving to the site. Today the rain held off so after work I made a trip over before heading home. When I pulled up I was really hoping for the "WOW" factor. Yet, to my disappointment it was just the prep for the basement wall frames. Ugh!!! I also was a little aggravated that the lot next to us which started after us had already passed the point we were at. Not a happy camper!!!! Hopefully things even themselves out this week. I took only a few photos today. The one of the clock is the turn about that leads to our home. In think its pretty so that's why I took a picture. HA!

I am trying really hard to be patient. But being homeless is not all its made out to be.

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