Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 23----yippppeee

Wooohooooo!!!! We officially have lumber!
They also brought our windows and doors.... Extra bonus

Close up of sliding door And non-painted front door 

The garage floors have been poured! Fresh I believe..

Basement Floors....just poured

View of the Lot sign :)

Our neighbors are moving along as well....I didn't realize how close we will be until today LOL

Look how close we are to the clubhouse!! You can't see it but in the back they have the pool complete and the fence up.  So exciting!

Waiting to get word on when they will start building our house.  From what we have seen once they get the lumber the home is up in as little as 3 days! Craziness how fast it is.  It's so cool that it is already pre-constructed in the lumber house.  So it's basically a puzzle.

*Side Note* A little sad that they are already developing the land behind us.  I was hoping for a view of fields from my morning room for awhile.  I cannot wait to see everything start to come together.  I can finally show our kids something that resembles a house very soon!

I am hoping we don't get any of the severe storms from the Oklahoma tragedy.  Bless all of those families.  I hope everyone is safe. 

Until next time.......hopefully I will have an NVR update!


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  2. Great! It won't be long before they start framing!

    We have had lumber delivered early, somehow we had hold ups, due to unavailability of crew or something....So our framing is a week behind!

    But hey we are gonna be pretty close (schedule wise) :-)

    1. According to our PM it should start tomorrow! Crossing our fingers. As long as everything goes smoothly with our neighbors roof we should be next.

      That is such a bummer on the crews! We have had some set backs with crew too. Since they are trying to open the clubhouse for this weekend. They have had a lot of the crews there. Hopefully next week we will have all the man power. And I hope you do too!!