Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 7: Pre-Drywall Meeting

The Pre-Drywall has officially arrived.  When we arrived at our meeting yesterday the drywall was already being loaded into our home!  We had two stand in PM's yesterday since Brandon our PM was on vacation.

We started the process in our garage looking all all the electrical outlets and placement.  I am SO SO SO excited and thankful that we went ahead with the third car.  A note to anyone building with Ryan, the two car garages are not spacious by any means, neither are the driveways.  So if you can't swing a third car or don't really need it.   Ask to extend your driveway out and bump out the garage for extra space.  My husband never could park in the garage.  We had way too many bikes and toys, yard equipment, and tools taking up half.  So he parked his truck in the driveway which made it extremely hard for guests to park or even get in and out of their cars.  Our community does not allow sheds with our HOA so it was a needed necessity for us.

The walk through went great!  Everything was where it needed to be placement wise.  We even had a few extra surprises which turned out to be complete accidents.  The only thing we asked to have done before the drywall was having blocking placed behind where our TV's would be mounted.  In our guardian options we did have  them add the upgraded outlets for mounting in our master bedroom, living room, and basement.

At this meeting they explained the efficiency of our home.  The crazy part about this is our home is even more energy efficient than our last! Which means even more savings for a larger space.  I can speak to the efficiency.  We came from an all electric home the first time we built.  Our electrical bills were 300-400 a month!  Our most recent Ryan was 80-100 depending on the season.  Gas was rarely more than $20.

At this meeting they also give you the remaining tasks and delivery updates.  Our Brick is set to arrive today and should start on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Drywall can take as long as 10 days but most times is 5.  After this point it will be wrapping up the exterior and starting the detailing of the inside.  Adding cabinets, vanities, lighting, stairwell balusters (super excited about the metal), and trim. We likely will not have a driveway until spring since colder weather is around the corner. This will be the same for our landscaping package.  So we will have to deal with dirt and rock until then.  The dirt foundation will raise at least another foot and they will do their best to make sure one area in the back can have a swing-set.  Our Final walk thru is set for January 4th and our closing is set for January 6th. At least now I can set up deliveries and installations for things we need done after we move in.

Below are photos from our visit yesterday.  I wasn't able to get photos of all the rooms since there were workers unloading the drywall.

Front of home

Powder Room with large window, the first room to get blinds!

Powder room window

Living room looking into study

Living room into study.  The TV mount is on the right.

Finished basement area facing wall mount.  The other room will be unfinished.  We plan to finish in a few years!

Basement steps looking into unfinished room.

Basement bathroom rough in. Will finish on our own.

Basement bathroom rough in again

Basement living area again with mount. Blocking will be placed for our TV.

Bedroom #2--Likely my daughters room.  She is debating right now.

Bedroom #3- She likes this one as well because of the bump out for a desk or sitting area.

Upstairs laundry room

Kids bathroom, will have double vanity as well.

Master Bathroom-view of double vanity, toilet room, and the back half is part of the closet.

We upgraded to a garden tub/shower.  WORTH IT if you aren't into the full bathroom upgrade.  You lose some closet space if you did the full upgrade.

Master Bedroom

Hope you enjoyed today's blog! Have a wonderful blessed day.  Happy Veteran's day to all the men and women who have served our country!