Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd floor started..Day 29

We now have a 2nd level.  Well part of it!!! Hoping by tomorrow it will be framed completely.  My mom can be to thank for my first photos of the day at about 1:30.  Then my husband went out around 4:30. 

About 1:30 (thanks mom) they have framed the garage and were laying the second level flooring.

About 1:30 today

4:30 today, walls are going up

Our PM emailed me today and said our brick is set to be delivered the middle of next week! We will be on vacation so hopefully we can get a family member to take some photos for us :)

NVR update:

After speaking with our LO last week he informed me that at this time they cannot match the outside lenders GFE interest rate.  Especially since they locked us so early.  His only hopes are that the rates go down before close.  He did say that there is no harm in having two lenders run our numbers.  That if in the end they can't match at least someone else has us at what we want and need.  I asked about the NVR credit and he said that if they cannot match we are due our credit and he has seen it given in the past for this instance.  That was a major relief for us!!! I will keep you posted :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow!!! They are moving so quick....

    Looking good!!!

    1. I can't believe it either! I actually went at lunch today and they already have the roof on! I will post pictures this evening. It is so exciting actually seeing a house. Not a open space of dirt :)

    2. WOW!!! You beat us :D

      Keep visiting as much as you can, at this rate, you don't wanna miss anything!

  2. That must be so exciting to drive up and see!

    Good news on the NVR front and them extending the credit if you have to move forward with the other lender.

  3. Looks great! I am nervous about the rates too, they have gone up and now I am shopping around!