Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shingles...the good kind of course :)

We now have shingles on the roof!! A little concerned as to why the house next to us that actually started after us is already completely framed, wrapped and has the windows in!! They also had the a/c people there.  I am assuming they have a larger crew than us and they move quick.  I know ours has moved pretty fast but I am not a fan of them being ahead of us. LOL.  Plus their wrap was done a level at a time and ours looks like one big process.  I have an email out to the PM.  

We have an appointment set up tomorrow at 2:30 to actually go inside!!! Hopefully we will arrive and be at the same point as our neighbors. 

I am soooooo happy we locked with an outside lender!!! The rates are climbing and if we stuck with NVR we would have a much higher rate!!! Not good!

Pictures to come after our meeting tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look what happened today! Day 30

So today around 11:30 this is what we drove up too.....

I love the little side window.  That is Miss Allexah's room :)

Photo from a distance :)

Literally on the 3rd day of building and they have it framed! I emailed our PM and asked when they thought they would do the weather wrap and all the other good stuff and he said this evening!  He also said the house will be completely framed as of tomorrow and shingles for the roof are set to be delivered tomorrow as well!! Woohoo I am waiting to hear back on setting up a time to walk through the home before the drywall is placed.  We leave for vacation soon so I hope we can by Friday.

My husband and I went back by this evening and took a photo of the backside of the home.

They are a little dark but you can see the morning room.  They are putting the framing up for the roof :)

Other exciting news...
We went to Ashley furniture this evening and got the sectional I have been eye balling for about 3 weeks now! My husband was able to get them to honor their previous discount as well.  I am so excited to start decorating.  I love this type of stuff!! Thanks to my mom she gave us a ton of new curtains so we are set in that department! Gotta love that! 

Until next time.....

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd floor started..Day 29

We now have a 2nd level.  Well part of it!!! Hoping by tomorrow it will be framed completely.  My mom can be to thank for my first photos of the day at about 1:30.  Then my husband went out around 4:30. 

About 1:30 (thanks mom) they have framed the garage and were laying the second level flooring.

About 1:30 today

4:30 today, walls are going up

Our PM emailed me today and said our brick is set to be delivered the middle of next week! We will be on vacation so hopefully we can get a family member to take some photos for us :)

NVR update:

After speaking with our LO last week he informed me that at this time they cannot match the outside lenders GFE interest rate.  Especially since they locked us so early.  His only hopes are that the rates go down before close.  He did say that there is no harm in having two lenders run our numbers.  That if in the end they can't match at least someone else has us at what we want and need.  I asked about the NVR credit and he said that if they cannot match we are due our credit and he has seen it given in the past for this instance.  That was a major relief for us!!! I will keep you posted :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Framing has begun!!! Day 27

Here we are close to Memorial Day and the crews work diligently to complete the next step in our home.  I feel like its moving so quickly now that we are out of the basement time zone.  We arrived to our lot yesterday around 2 PM after our PM Adam emailed and said they started framing today.  It is about an hour drive from where we are staying so we hopped in the car and drove out.  When we arrived they were starting to place the floors.  The kids and I took a walk over to peek into the clubhouse.  They are having a grand opening next week with a dj food and drinks!! We are so excited to possibly meet our neighbors.  Everyone we passed while there went out of their way to say hello and were really friendly.  Which is wonderful.  

After creeping the site the kids wanted to go in the model and chat with our SR's.  They always have treats :). I love going in and getting ideas for decorating.  I wish you could hire their interior decorator.  Sherrie informed us there is a model of the Florence in Liberty Ohio.  Which wasn't far from the outlet mall.  We decided we would check it out then go shopping! We have actually never seen a model of our floor plan!! We have however seen our neighbors almost finished one at our pre-construction meeting.  Yet, they didn't have a finished basement or some of the upgrades we got.  We hopped in the car and made the trip there.  I absolutely loved it! It's a perfect size home.  Not too small or too big!

In this picture the truck has sheeting on it.  They are flipping the sheeting onto the house and another guy is securing them down.

Flooring support is placed.  A lot going on as you can see.

Taking a walk to the clubhouse 

This is a view at the clubhouse but also from our bedroom window :)

The pool is almost finished!

After going to the Florence model and spending time at the outlet malls we decided to swing back by the house on the way home.  Which was about 5 hrs later.  So around 7:30.  This is what we seen.....

The first level practically framed!

There are actually 4 guys still in there working away!

Kind of Dark but this is the side of the garage that hasn't exactly been framed yet.  

It was so cool to see the morning room area and window cut outs.  Hopefully next time I can get closer photos.  It was super muddy today and my kids would have loved the adventure but this momma was not dealing with dirt in her freshly cleaned car!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lumber Jack =] Day 24

Whew what a long day it has been!  I have been driving all over Ohio it seems like today.  After work I took a drive by the lot to check progress.  They had delivered another pile of lumber!! And some weird rusted tub shaped things.  Not sure what they are.

I emailed Adam our PM today asking what the next step was. I got an email back this evening saying that they are finishing up a house across from us and we are next!!! It could be as early as Friday they start building! Wooohooooooo. (Doing a happy dance) 

I took a few more pictures this evening as well.

2nd load to the left 

Weird tub rusty things.  Not sure what those anyone?

Since they Sod the front and sides we get grass seed netting in the back.  I creeped and took a picture of the neighbors :)

This is the house they are on now across from us.  They literally built that much in 1 day! Craziness.

Closer view if the clubhouse which will have a park, pool and fitness center.  Which is why we have HOA fees. :/ merp but still excited about the clubhouse!

NVR Update!!!!

We finally got the Approval letter for our loan.  I mean we have only already started building the house!!!  I was freaking out.  Well they took out the "origination fee" to help compare to my outside lender GFE.  But they still have not met the rate I have been locked at which was 3.375!! Nvr's best right now is 3.75!!! Which is a big difference in payment.  So our loan processor said he will check with his market people and see if they can match the rate.  Getting closer!!  At least they are trying to work with it! So anyone out there still in this process don't settle for what they show!! Do some homework on outside lenders.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 23----yippppeee

Wooohooooo!!!! We officially have lumber!
They also brought our windows and doors.... Extra bonus

Close up of sliding door And non-painted front door 

The garage floors have been poured! Fresh I believe..

Basement Floors....just poured

View of the Lot sign :)

Our neighbors are moving along as well....I didn't realize how close we will be until today LOL

Look how close we are to the clubhouse!! You can't see it but in the back they have the pool complete and the fence up.  So exciting!

Waiting to get word on when they will start building our house.  From what we have seen once they get the lumber the home is up in as little as 3 days! Craziness how fast it is.  It's so cool that it is already pre-constructed in the lumber house.  So it's basically a puzzle.

*Side Note* A little sad that they are already developing the land behind us.  I was hoping for a view of fields from my morning room for awhile.  I cannot wait to see everything start to come together.  I can finally show our kids something that resembles a house very soon!

I am hoping we don't get any of the severe storms from the Oklahoma tragedy.  Bless all of those families.  I hope everyone is safe. 

Until next time.......hopefully I will have an NVR update!


Well today is the day! Lumber is supposed to arrive.  I can't wait for 5 o'clock to roll around so I can take a drive out to the site :)

Also, can't wait to take a look at the clubhouse.  It is supposed to be opening this week along with the grand opening of the pool for memorial day weekend!!! Stay tuned for pictures this evening!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

*Day 17* photos

Garage has been back filled
Support beams placed
Driveway :)

Not much to update on as of yet.  The city has inspected our basement walls and they passed!!! Woohoo right!? LOL.  Our PM said the only thing left before the lumber arrives Tuesday is to pour the garage floor and basement floors.  But we need a "dry" day.  So hopefully this past Friday they were able to do that!

Still waiting to hear back from NVR.  I think they are just buying time at this point.  I will update more once we head to the lot this week for lumber photos.  =]

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 16 and more....

In my previous post I mentioned asking our PM to let us know when our water proofing would be finished. He has been awesome with communication!

Email Monday Evening.....


The waterproofing is now installed on your home and I wanted to let you know since you had mentioned that you would like to see it applied to the wall system. The window to see it is small as we are planning on backfilling the foundation tomorrow. Let me know if you have a question about it that you would like for me to answer. 

Have a great evening,


Email Tuesday afternoon.....


The backfilling is occurring as we speak.  The waterproofing entails wrapping the outside of the foundation wall with a plastic membrane and topping off the drain tile material with additional gravel.  I have attached two pictures in case you were unable to check it out this morning.  Call or email back with any further questions. 






The fact he took photos and emailed them was so impressive.  Definitely makes you feel better knowing they want to show you progress so you don't miss out.  

These are the pictures sent from our PM.

From what we have been told by outsiders this is the high end materials used to keep out water and so forth.  Definitely do not want to deal with flooding!

NVR updates

So for those who read my post title "rant/vent" about the closing and financing selections here is an update.  Friday our loan processor with NVR called and wanted to go over the numbers I got from Union Savings.  He was trying to say that they were comparable in rate and closing.  Which they were not!  It took me about 4 times of explaining how to read the Good Faith from Union Savings until he finally seen the big picture.  He asked if he could have the weekend to look it over and would call us Monday. 

Monday evening rolled around and he did indeed call us.  Since our file is still in underwriting he can't access it to send us a new GFE but he says that he and his manager sat down and crunched numbers to where they can match the quote.  I will be interested to see this since the other bank allowed us to lock at 3.375 and pay our closing.  Here is to hoping they really can do this!

I have to say in a side note that our loan processor has been nothing but kind and helpful! He completely understands why we are searching and he has a job to support his company in keeping people from not using them.  Yet, I also have the same job to do for my family.  I just want to make sure my fellow bloggers know it hasn't been that we are being mistreated it all strictly comes down to business and closing a deal.

That's all I have for now...Next week our lumber arrives!! Which at the rate I have seen they frame the whole home in two days!!! 

*Day 14*

Basement Walls!!!

Finally our Basement wall foundation has been poured and we are right where we need to be timing wise.  I feel like a total BIA lately because I have been constantly emailing someone at Ryan Homes or NVR.  I am one of those people who likes everything in order and on track.  So if things look like they are slipping I start to freak a little.  I need to work on that.

I emailed our PM and asked about why we were behind people who started after us and he responded and said we would pull out ahead because our framing/lumber will be delivered 2 days before theirs on MAY 21st!  But to keep in mind we will all probably close the same week.  That gave me piece of mind.  I also asked if he would give us a heads up when the water proofing of the basement started. Which was planned for this past Friday the 10th.  But since it decided to come a hurricane rain fall it was postponed. My daughter and I decided to run by on Mother's Day just to see if their has been any progress.  She loves to see where her new home will be.  Especially where they are at with the pool and clubhouse. LOL.  To our surprise they removed the framing and you could actually see the walls!! What a great Mother's Day gift :)

Below are the pictures we took on Sunday =]
Front of home.  The gravel is where our Drive way will be.
Inside of walls.  The gravel fill in is the garage.
Looking down into the hole.  There was some water build up.
Nothing to worry about according to our PM.  
The little cut out is a window :) this is still facing front.
Standing on the right side of the home.  The "L" shape will be
Our finished portion.  Then it veers off towards the back 
We hope to finish that later on with maybe another bedroom.
Allexah loving the progress =]

*I am going to make another post today with out most recent progress and NVR financing updates!*

Thursday, May 9, 2013

*Day 10* basement

The basement has finally been poured!! Thank goodness! I had a lot of other stresses today but I will save that for my next post.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*Day 8* Just Snailing along

Of course yesterday it rained all day long so I didn't even waste my time driving to the site. Today the rain held off so after work I made a trip over before heading home. When I pulled up I was really hoping for the "WOW" factor. Yet, to my disappointment it was just the prep for the basement wall frames. Ugh!!! I also was a little aggravated that the lot next to us which started after us had already passed the point we were at. Not a happy camper!!!! Hopefully things even themselves out this week. I took only a few photos today. The one of the clock is the turn about that leads to our home. In think its pretty so that's why I took a picture. HA!

I am trying really hard to be patient. But being homeless is not all its made out to be.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not much happening...Day 6

Not really much to update on. They have filled in the lot/basement with some gravel. Our PM emailed me yesterday and said they would be pouring the foundation this week. With hopes to start the framing the following week. So picture wise not much to share.

I did get to take my mom out to the site this weekend!! She hasn't even seen the location. It was very exciting. We also took a tour through the model so she could get an idea of what our appliances and hardware would look like. She was really impressed.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!