Monday, July 29, 2013

It has been over a week!

Whew!!!!!!!!! So I have been MIA!!! So much has happened since we closed on the 17th.  The painters managed to paint our whole house in 12 hours! We hired a moving crew to move us from storage to home.  Which took a total of 3 hours! Wow totally worth the money. Plus my in laws paid towards the move as our house warming gift so that helped immensely.  Everything was moving along perfectly until......our previous living room furniture was delivered. Mind you I based my paint colors off of our furniture.  I bought a new sectional from Ashley for upstairs and we were placing our couch love seat and recliner we just purchased last year in the basement.  News flash to us that our basement door was only 29 inches wide!!!!!!!!!! Our couch is 34 inches wide and 32 inches high.  No maneuvering what so ever! So as of now we are selling our couches to purchase something that will actually fit down the stairs.  Ughhhhh

After getting situated Saturday we started to hear a humming noise that had been going the whole time we were moving.  At first we thought it was the a/c.  After some investigation we found the culprit!!!  Our door bell had a short and was giving off serious heat.  In order to shut it off we had to shut the breaker off to the front room.  We contacted our PM and he scheduled the electrician.  Unfortunately, we couldn't use that front room at night or our powder room since the breaker was off for almost a week.  

Next order of business.  If you have a basement get a dehumidifier right away!!!!!!  Our PM had told us he was purchasing us one as a gift so we held off waiting.  Well it took about a week and they dropped it by.  Since we don't have furniture downstairs we really hadn't been down there.  Well shock of our life we go down to show our basement Find green mold/mildew on the baseboards!  I had to take a moment and breathe without freaking out on someone.  Our PM came over right away Monday morning and said it was a surface mold which is good.  It's caused by moisture and grows when there is no air flow.  Since we had the house painted and closed the door it caused the growth.  A little Clorox wipes and a dehumidifier did the trick.  I am so thankful for our PM and SR because they have really helped us with several things since closing.  We have had a few other issues not worth mentioning but they all have been resolved.  

Our neighbors are all so nice.  They always wave and say hello.  I am waiting for our pool key to arrive so we can take advantage of the clubhouse and meet more people.  I will attach some photos of that we have so far interior wise.  This week our blinds should be installed and we have invisible fence coming out to quote for our dog fence.  Since closing we have painted hung some photos.  And today the wallpaper installers came and finished our accent walls and bathrooms.   Thanks to my mom for the fabulous gift of wallpaper and the installation!! I love everything about my home so far. :)

Accent gray and main walls are green

Peppery (red/orange) accent in morning room

Fresh paint

The other accent wall

Movers :) aka my sister and her boyfriend 

My new sectional and the couch we have to sell lol

My son loving his room.  And having all his toys back!  His room is a blue :)

My first morning k-cup :)

Breakfast time :)

Some of my art selections 

Morning room

Main living area coming along...


Another view...

My daughters room and her accent wallpaper wall...I love!

So cute!

She picked her colors

My powder room wallpaper. It is a shimmer pattern.  So pretty! I love animal print

Our master bath.  The wall paper is coral! It is sooooo pretty In person. 

We are still working on other rooms so I will be sure to post =]


  1. The house is looking good!


  2. looks great! Can't wait to have a keurig in my new kitchen too!! :)

  3. Love the wallpaper in your bathroom. Your little girl has so much sass with her foot pointed like that, I love it! Adorable little guy, reminds me of my blondie.

    1. Thank you. Yes, my daughter has a natural pose for photos haha. She is a diva for sure. And my little guy is a little toe head too.

  4. Hey Welcome back!!!
    The house is looking great! You did a great job with the accent walls. I'm sorry about the sectional, it looks so good! :-(
    I LOVE the wallpaper choices. Beautiful pictures!!! :-)

    1. Thank you!! Blogging after moving in is a little rough at first.

  5. I am so glad you love your home. I really like the powder room, it is such a fun print.

  6. Looks good!! Love the damasc print for your daughters room! What painting company did you use, if you don't mind me asking? We are considering contracting that out.

    1. Hi There! We actually paid a friend who is in the painting business. So not an actual company. That is the best route. It saved us a ton!

  7. Holy cow you have been so busy painting and what not!! WOW!!

    How do the walls look after you paint them? Did you see a lot of imperfections in the the drywall??

    1. They looked great! There were only a few areas we had to touch up. As for the imperfections. There are some not nothing major or noticeable. We are saving them for our 10 month inspection :)

  8. I am just now finding your blog! I absolutely love the wall paper. What company did you decide to work with and/or did yo do it yourself?

    1. Hi there!!! Thank you :) I ordered it from a home designer. The only reason I did that was because they had more wallpaper options compared to Home Depot/Lowes. Then she gave me a professional wallpaper person and they did it for me :) I could not do it myself. I love it too! --Your home is beautiful btw.