Monday, July 1, 2013

Email updates...Rain Rain go away!

So not really much to update since our walk through last Friday.  I did get an email today from our PM.

Lodovico, Adam
11:36 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

Laminate flooring today.  Also the painters are starting the prepping and paint process later tomorrow.  Carpet is coming on Saturday.


Really happy things on the inside are moving along but nervous about the outside! We are still waiting for our siding, shutters and Driveway/sidewalk to be poured.   What makes me nervous is that he said, "We have been trying to reach the siding people."  The house accross the street from us has been sitting without siding for 3 weeks at least.  We close in 16 days so I hope they get to it soon!  We have no time to go over a day because our rate lock expires soon!

Really hoping things stay on track with the schedule and weather!  It is set to rain every day this week.  GRRR


  1. Feeling you on the weather issue.
    They were suppose to dig our lot starting today, but at our Pre-Construction Meeting on Friday they said they hope to have the footer poured by the 10th. There is one house in front of us that needs a footer, but with the rain they haven't been able to do anything.

    And chance of rain all this week.....

  2. I can't believe the rain. It would be better if it poured one day and then was clear. Fingers crossed you get in on time.