Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 days away!! Tomorrow is Appraisal day!

So here we are 5 days away!! Wednesday we had some strong storms that slowed our siding landscaping work. My PM told our loan officer that he would have everything completed by Thursday night for the Appraiser to come in the morning Friday.  I was really getting nervous since Wednesday we barely had siding.  Not to mention our yard/mud/rock pit had no leveling what so ever.  So my husband went by today at 2pm and sent me this...

We have our shutters and siding!!!

Around 5pm our PM called and informed me that our landscaping was in place.  Our siding and shutters were complete.  Now we were waiting for sod to arrive this evening and it would all be set tonight!! Wow!!! One day can make a huge difference.  I went by at 6.  Still no SOD but I did see our landscaping and seeding in the backyard. 

It is hard to tell but our shutters are an eggplant color and our door is called marooned.  They both have a deep purple hue.  Reminds me of wine :) I really love all the colors we picked!


  1. SO PRETTY!!! LOVE all that brick!! Funny how RH various by community/states. DH & I built a Florence and they did not do any landscaping. I think my front door is the same color! ;)

    Hope you and your family like your Florence as much as we do!


    1. Thank you! We are very excited. I agree it's funny how the home packages vary!

  2. Beautiful home!
    Love all the brick

  3. LOVE IT! I particularly like the shutters and how they contrast with your brick. And of course, the door color is gorgeous.

  4. It's a very pretty home, with the wrap around brick and the shutter and door color pulling accents out from the brick.