Sunday, July 7, 2013

11 days to go!

This weekend has been so rainy and gross!!!!!  We were supposed to get carpet this weekend.  We wanted to go by yesterday and take a peek but our SR was out and has a replacement until Tuesday.  Which the fill in was rude and said we can't see it until late next week because she doesn't have a key.    I hate that it is our home and we have to schedule special showings! Our pm is more than willing to show us so I will just call him Monday.  Pretty sure we can get in through the garage if not haha.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get our counter tops!!! I am really hoping our siding goes up today.  The crew didnt show up Friday.  Then of course Saturday was typhoon rain conditions.  We are so close and getting so nervous!  We haven't heard anything from our lender.  Hopefully we will get our final numbers this week.

Today we are heading to lowes to pick out our blinds and getting the painter our colors.  We will be handing the keys over to him on the day we get the keys to have them paint.  So when we move in we are golden!  Our PM told us as long as we have touch up paint there is no issue painting the home before inspections.  I am the kind of person who will have our home almost decorated by that 30 day mark so I need a splash of color :)


  1. I need to get some quotes from some painters. We want our ceilings done white and there is a lot of painting we want to do too. I don't want to wait either and I want my house decorated ASAP lol. We sound alike! We are also locked out of ours but today we pulled up the garage and used a card to unlock the door lol.

  2. So 10 today!
    WOW...I'm so excited for you! You are being very proactive...good for you!!!

    I feel like we are so far behind....I can't wait to be where you are now! :-)