Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

What a gloomy day it has been! Thank you to all the service men and women for their continuous service to protect and maintain our country!!!

I stopped over to the house yesterday to see if I could take a sneak peek of any progress.  I was able to get the painters to help me in.  They were finishing up the doors and final coats of trim.  But to my surprise I seen the gem I was looking for. We had the upgraded laminate laid in our kitchen, dining, morning room and entry way.  It looks beautiful and really looks like a true hardwood.  We loved the laminate in our last home with the dogs and kids.  I am happy we changed from the vinyl.  We initially thought that we would upgrade later on our own to save money.  But with the interest rate where they are it only affected our payment by $5 if that.  Now I just hope that the carpet looks like what we paid!!! The standard seemed so rough so we upgraded to level 2.  Carpet goes in Saturday.  I have met several people who got the standard and said it actually held up about  5 years. They just upgraded the padding.  I was just more nervous since the basic didn't have the stain guard we would be in trouble.  So hopefully the upgrade was worth the cost.  It was a little crazy to me!!!

I also noticed we had a cute walk way lamp and a driveway/sidewalk!!!!!  The house across the street was getting siding and had their shutters.  Which means we should be next.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have that!

Quick Question:  with this whole mortgage application process we have been told to not open new credit or use credit.  So basically don't buy new furniture or appliances until after we close.  That this can actually throw the loan out of underwriting and cause a denial!!!  I am so frustrated by this because I want to buy so much to be prepared but really can't!  Also our debt ratio is 4% lol. Has anyone else been struggling with this?  

Here are some pictures I snapped...

Little light pole :)

Sneak peek of flooring


Pile of dirt the are using to level our backyard :)

Happy 4th of July!!!!


  1. Looking really good!! And I shop every weekend...just use cash. :) I put furniture on layaway (long ago) and just paid it all off with cash. That should not affect your loan processing.

  2. Same here, cash only or layaway. You don't want to lose your house over opening a credit card. Labor day is right around the corner and they'll have sales that weekend and once you close you can open as many cards as you can.

    1. Oh no definitely not opening cards. I was told to not even use my credit cards I already have! Just to be she and not have to explain. Plus we have closing costs so I am trying to be frivolous. It's just killing me haha

  3. Definitely don't open any credit. The only thing we did do was buy a fridge at Lowe's on our Lowe's card to get 6 months no interest. But that was an existing card, not a new card. And if they say anything about it, then we have the cash to pay it off (we just want to hold on to it right now). Other than that, anything I have bought on credit, I have paid off within the billing cycle so it's not accruing (but that way I get miles for it).

  4. Everything is looking great!!!