Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week Two Continued....

An email from our PM with this image attached.....

The foundation is now complete and I plan on installing the waterproofing tomorrow. After that we will hopefully install the sewer/water service to your home along with the underground plumbing, structural steel, and drain tile gravel. Once all that is complete we will backfill your homes foundation. 

I already spoke to Savanna a bit about this earlier. The dirt around the foundation now is just stock pile. We will use that dirt to fill the voids around the house and it will not be steep! I will do the best I can to give you guys a useable yard a promise. 

Have a great day,


Yesterday I had emailed them after driving past our lot with a concern about how high the piles of dirt were.  I was inquiring if our back yard would be a large hill.  We plan to add a swing set and this hill would not allow for it.  Thank goodness it will hopefully be less noticeable.  
We also are excited to see that we will still have a fairly decent yard in the back.  Our front and side yard are fantastic, but we were concerned that it would take away from our backyard.  Things are looking up!

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