Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 6: Updates...updated

This past weekend our PM let us know that all HVAC/Cooling/Plumbing had been installed in our home.  We had some heavy rain a few weeks ago so they were trying to dry out the home before placing electrical.  All is dried out and ready for electrical to start.  He also went through the house and did his own inspections marking areas the framers needed to come back and address.  So by the end of this week electrical and fixes should all be done.  The municipality needs to come out and finalize inspections on all the new items.  Our PM hopes this will be complete by Friday.

You know what is next???? Our Pre-Drywall meeting!!!  We were going to hire a company to come out and inspect our home, which was an additional $300.  We have heard great things about this and did not do this prior.  We also didn't really have any issues with our last home.  After talking with our PM and hearing about all the inspections our house goes through we decided against it.  Our PM is also VERY thorough so I feel like we can rest easy and save those funds for something else.  

I don't have any photos this week.  All looks the same at this point until we get to go into the house. Which again should be next week.  Fingers crossed things keep moving smooth like this.  Our last home from the date they started drywall we were only 25 days out from close.  So I am crossing my fingers that we are on the same time frame.  I would love love love to move in before Christmas. That would be the ultimate Christmas gift.

So my previous post I shared that we had locked our rate with NVR.  Randomly last Wednesday I received an email from our loan officer at Union Savings asking if we were still set to close in November.  Clearly she hadn't seen my emails letting her know we were not closing until potentially January.  I also let her know since I hadn't heard back we locked with NVR.  Basically, kindly said have a happy holiday over the next few weeks! She came back with an offer she took to her Manager. They offered us a lower interest rate that drops our payment about $30/mo and our closing is super low.  Well darn it we don't want to rock the boat, but HELLO we want that lower interest rate.  Today I sent the dreadful email to our reps at NVR and our sales team.  Surprisingly he came back asking for the estimate to see what they can do.  I haven't heard back but it sounds like we are in the negotiation phase again with lenders.

I hope you found some of this useful!! Until next time, have a wonderful week! <3

NVR ended up coming back and matching the 3.625 rate Union Savings offered us.  Even though it is minimal this does save us almost $30/mo.  So we went ahead and stayed with NVR.  They didn't want us to leave like last time and use another lender.  So we are back in the same boat locked and ready.   We just sent over all our updated pay stubs and banking documents for the file along with our insurance rep information for the Homeowners insurance.  So all the paperwork is up to date!


  1. It's so fun to see the walls going up and to begin to get a feel for your space. I hope your mortgage issues are worked out and all goes well as you approach your closing date.

  2. Thank you! It is so exciting. We are dying to get in there and see everything. And thank you for the positive vibes on closing a lender!