Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week Three: Basement Floors, Wood Arrived, and Even Framing...

Whoa, I feel like it has been a lot longer than three weeks!  Time seems to be really dragging until  I look at the calendar and realize they are really busting butt to build our home.

On Monday they poured our basement and garage floors.  They also installed the water and sewer lines to our home. By the afternoon of that same day our wood had arrived!!

Tuesday things got even more exciting.  They have still been working on tying in the lines from the house.  But they also in the evening started framing everything to start building.  We have some great friends that live in our community who take evening walks and photo our progress.  Things are starting to get a little more exciting over there and I can't wait to move in .

Backyard:  We are still concerned about this.  As we know this is not really our PM's issue since he came in later with the plans and went over the plans with us at the pre-construction meeting.  However, we are a little more upset that we were told during the initial selection of our lot (which is "premium") that it would have a gradual 2 ft drop in the back.  Now, it is a gradual 4-5 ft drop from the morning room to the edge of the yard.  When we stand at the back of the home we are high enough to see our neighbors roof.  During selection we picked a yard we could utilize and have a swing set for our kids. At this rate we cannot have a swing set.  We have voiced this to our sales team and they are hoping we can bring in more dirt  to help level things out. We are early in the game so there is still time to fix it.  But my advice would be to make sure you double check everything!  Especially when it comes to the lots.  Initially we were told our lot was not a premium, but when we sent in our options they came back and said it was a mistake and was a premium.  So as you can see we have had a few hiccups with communication and these are some what major items of concern for our family.

Hopefully by the end of this week we will be sharing some completed framing photos!

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