Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 4: We have a house with soon to be roof!

This week if I am a guessing person brings a roof and maybe the start of electrical and plumbing.  We normally get our weekly updates between Wednesday and Friday from our PM.  So hopefully I will know soon what to anticipate before next week arrives. 

Yesterday we finally locked our rate.  This time around we have decided to use NVR for our lending. They offered us a decent incentive that allowed us to bring less closing costs to the table.  We are going with a lender paid mortgage where we take a higher interest rate to avoid the PMI on our mortgage payment.  Which even taking the higher rate it was still under 4%!  We may refinance in the next year depending on rates and equity to get back down to the low 3% rate with hopes we will have decent equity to avoid PMI in general.  So at this point we no longer need to worry about the election affecting our rate.

Interior plans-  As you know in previous posts, we are still planning to replace some flooring before we move in and paint the main areas of the home.  Our first home we had someone paint before we moved in and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Ryan does do the fixes but they do not touch up with your paint.  So you are responsible for this.  We had to repaint our stairwells but it wasn't a huge deal.  I am all about a home feeling like a home right away verses waiting a year to paint!

Flooring wise we plan to replace the vinyl (basic included) with the LVP.  Unless we get an amazing deal on a hand-scraped engineered hardwood.  We are leaning more towards the LVP because it is hardier for our kids and dogs with less maintenance.  It is also easier to clean and gives the wood look we are going for in our home.  I would love to do our whole first level, but we are still pricing out the flooring.  Hopefully I can get a decent deal to pull this off.  If not we will do the entry, powder room, dining room, kitchen, morning room and possibly the study.  This would leave the living area with carpet.   We did not upgrade our carpet or pad.  We plan to do this in the next year or so.

Check out a few progress photos below.  Until next time....have a great day!

Paint colors:  I am actually between these two options...Which Gray do you like?
Flooring: Love the color of these Luxury Vinyl Planks. Do you have LVP?

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