Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Pictures...

Here are a few photos in panorama view from my iphone.  So some of the rooms make look squeezed together :)

First things though....we have had some crazy spiders around us!  I think due to the dirt and construction.  I found one in my basement last night!  I am thinking because the last week I have had the windows open enjoying the cool weather.  They may have snuck in.  We will be spraying today and the windows will be closed. ICK

Basement-- as you can see I still have a lot to do :)  Our TV is mounted on the wall though.  It is not in view.  Behind me, in the unfinished portion, is the laundry room.

This is the front room when you come in the main entry.  We made this a study/sitting area.  In the main floor plan they have it as a dining room.

This view is standing in the morning room/dining into the kitchen.  The accent wall is called "Peppery"  I can't take credit for my color combos.  I took them from a sherwin williams magazine.

Another from the morning room. 

This is standing in our main living area towards the kitchen.

Our main floor living room

Our main level living.  Our dogs even have their own sitting space ;)

This is looking at the stairwell to the front door.  The stairwell/ front room wall is also a grey accent wall.

Our Master Bedroom Still working on it!

Another view of the master

The hallway upstairs--I am standing in my daughters bedroom to take this picture.  So in total we have 4 bedrooms upstairs.  You can see my goldendoodle too :)

So there it is! Still working and have many things to complete and decorate.  I haven't even started on our guest bedroom. All I know is I am in big trouble when the new HOMEGOODS opens :)


  1. Very nice!! So neat to see how other's complete and decorate their Florence. DH & I built a Florence in 2010 and REALLY love the house! We made the room when you first walk in a diningroom. We have a loft and not the 4th bedroom and we don't have the gourmet island either, just a center island. Our kids are grown so we didn't finish the basement.



  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the accent walls. You're living room sectional looks super comfy too!

  3. Looks great! Always awesome to see another Florence! I get in trouble in home goods!!

  4. Looks great! Always awesome to see another Florence! I get in trouble in home goods!!

  5. Very nice. I have a florence too (reverse), we closed in May this year. I see we both have a love of trees,that is a theme throughout my house too. We made our front room a sitting area/library too.


  6. Hi! I read your blog from beginning to finish this week! Beautiful Florence! We are scheduled to break ground January for ours, so a big thank you- you gave me great insight! Can I ask' where did you get the sectional w chaise sofa? I am in love with it!!!

    1. Thank you Chrissie! We bought it at Ashley Furniture :)