Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Homes need yummy smells...

Just wanted to share with all of my new home owner friends.  I am a consultant with Gold Canyon Candles.  As my new neighbors have been moving in.  I have been giving them a mini candle or tealights.  We have a scent called "Warm Welcome."  Which fits the situation perfectly.  But I have also been giving Pumpkin Patch.  Which is the scent of the month for October.  You receive 10% off anything Pumpkin Patch.  Large, Medium, Small, Mini Candles, Tealights, and scent pods for your warmer.

Large Candle 200 hours of burn time 19.57
Medium Candle 140 hours of burn life 15.08
Small Candle 65 hours of burn life 11.48
Mini Candle 30 hrs of burn life 7.88
Tealights (these are large tealights) 20 hours of burn time each 8.08
Scent Pod (warmers) 20 hours of burn life 5.38

Burn life means the life of the scent and the wax.  It burns ALL of the wax and the scent lasts until the wax is burned out.  

Perfect gifts for new Neighbors :)
IF you need extra cash or just love candles shoot me a message and ask me how to join in this exciting adventure.  And earn a FREE all paid vacation.

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