Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Energy Efficient

Last month we were able to go without using air a few days.  Also, we signed up for the energy savings program.  All in all we saved almost $100.  At least $50 of it was due to the energy savings program.  I am super excited for the coming winter months.  These bills are much better than what we had in our previous home which was a ranch.  Now we are cooling/heating 3 levels and still manage to have a smaller bill.

We don't really have any hiccups to report.  Other than our garage outlets don't work.  I also noticed a punctured spot in the garage door from the inside.  I am not sure if it is from pre-move or post.  It's more of a cosmetic thing but it does bother me.

Our development is moving quickly.  Our street is almost complete.  Which is really exciting.  My car is always covered in dirt.  One other thing I noticed.  Our home faces away from the sun so it is much harder to keep plants alive. HA! My poor mums are struggling.  I love the fall and all the decorations.

Hope you all are enjoying your new home.  If your building I hope your process is going smoothly.

Until next time....have a great week!


  1. We still didn't get our first bill and hopefully our energy star home live up to it's expectations.. The one bill I'm worried about it the water sewer bill. (We water our yard daily for about an hour).

  2. We have been thrilled with our electric bill. Only $70 this month and gas was only $18. Our water bill was scary though...I guess it's expensive here, enough that we never watered our lawn and barely watered our landscaping because I was scared of what it might be. Turned out to be $160 for 2 months...so about $80 per month...that is definitely high! My neighbor across the way said hers was $220 and she waters her lawn daily. The funny thing is, her lawn doesn't look any better than mine (we have had a lot of rain). I'm definitely going to have to keep that water bill in check but it's nice that the other bills are just a drop in the bucket!