Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coyotes and yard...

Good Morning All-

The last couple of nights I have been awoken by howling and barking/yapping.  It does not sound like a house pet either.  At one point I heard a horrible screech.  I am thinking we have coyotes since we back up to a field.  Last night was the worst.  Our "Doodle" had her head in the window growling.  I really hope once they they build up behind us.  It pushes them back.  We have a small shitzhu as well.  I worry for her being outside at night if those are roaming around.

As for the yard fiasco.  I am not sure if I touched base on it too much.  I advise everyone to make sure your land is correctly graded and fully utilized.  After we moved in we noticed that our yard seem smaller than what we were thinking.  We had some taller grass and water setting areas behind our house.  My husband went back and walked through that tall area and seen our property line markers.  Which were not included in the grading and seeded areas.  There was about 5 extra feet missing.  Being that we have two pets and want to install an invisible fence. We would like to utilize this space.  I pointed this out at our 30 day.  And they said when the homes under construction next to us get graded they would do ours.  After about 30 more days the homes were finally at that stage.  Well guess what............they graded ours but left it a dirt pile?!?! Really?  I even asked if that would be seeded since it should have been from the beginning.  I emailed the PM this weekend about it.  The neighbors already have grass peeking through.  He says they will take care of it this week.  I sure hope so because my dogs and kids are really wanting their fence and play set.  I don't want to install something that could be ripped up.

After that is finished we are golden until our 10 month!  Here is to hoping for no more hiccups =)

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  1. 5 feet is 5 feet and I would want it too! I can't believe all the hiccups we have had, just small stuff here and there minus the one big leak but it really is annoying. We are over 2 months in and I don't think a week has gone by where I haven't had someone come to look or fix something. Over it!