Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Energy Efficient Home and Trees!

Really loving the energy efficiency of our home.  The gas bill was so low this month!  We ran the heat basically all month.  Our gas bill was about $27 and we are on budget bill so I actually pay $37.  Also, our electric bill was so much lower.  I do however wish I could say that about our water bill.  It is averaging about $70/mo.  We really aren't home enough to justify what much.  Our Sewer is actually more expensive than the water portion.  Our last home our water bill averaged $107 quarterly and for bi-monthly here it is $150 this month.  Crazy.

I am getting anxious to decorate for the holidays.  I think I may decorate early!  I have been doing some crafty burlap wreaths for the holidays.  I posted my first creation on my facebook and ended up having people wanting to order them!  So now I have yet another side business to add to my 10000 other things going on.

We had some random purchases this weekend.  On Friday a gentlemen came by our door selling peep holes.  If you have the door like ours it has a window at the top.  But really there is no way to see who is there unless you look through the window.  That was the quickest sale I have ever been apart of.  He told me about it.  I turned away to answer my sons question and he was already drilling! AHH  needless to say it is a convenience to have that nifty hole there to see who is knocking.  But now I see how he makes his money.  Lastly, our back yard came with no trees or plants.  Our neighbors have been planting which prompted us to look as well.  My husband was doing some yard work and a gentlemen rolled up to our house with a truck bed full of trees!  So now we have a Red Maple and Red Bud Tree in our back yard. The Red Bud they placed by our morning room so hopefully it will be pretty to see in the spring time.

I hope you all are enjoying your homes.  I really love reading all of your posts.  Sorry I don't leave as many messages.  A lot of times I check my blog while I am on break at work.  So responses don't happen as easily.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

The Red Bud we planted by our morning room window.

The Red Maple near our property line

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  1. I wish ours was only $150 for the bi-monthly, it was after a bunch of calls still over 400!