Friday, June 7, 2013

Views from a distance- Day 39

As promised our PM emailed us photos late last night.  As well as one of my husband's family friends who stops by and checks the progress on occasion.  So here are their photo updates combined...

Electrical outlets and wiring installed

Ventilation installed

Brick delivered and staged

Outlets/wiring view

Vent :) 


Furnace :)

This is standing in the finished portion of the basement

Bedroom #4 (Spare room) cable hookup

Bedroom #3 Maverick's Room cable hookup

Bedroom #1-master cable hook up.  You can also see the kids full bath through the non-existent wall :)

Bedroom #2 Allexah's room cable hook up

Brick Staging

Side of brick which you can't really see the colors that well

Front living area cable hook up

Living room cable hook up

Kitchen with microwave ventilation that vents outside of the house and plumbing

Looking from soon to be finished basement to unfinished portion that will have our laundry hook up

Our laundry hook up :) we elected to have ours put in the basement so we could utilize the mud room and not walk through the laundry room from the garage everyday.  Especially since I hate folding clothes! Ha

So much is getting done as we speak. The weather was beautiful today in Florida! We all got a little toasty. Tropical storm Andrea didn't hurt us too much :)

Until next time...


  1. Looking great!! So jealous you get a basement!! I am guessing you had the loft closed off into a bedroom?

    1. Yes we did!! It was an option we were given at no extra cost. With the kids it will be so nice to have a guest room as well!

  2. I wish they would've allowed us to put our washer and dryer in the basement!!

    We has trouble deciding between the loft or 4th bedroom. We ended up choosing the loft though bc we only have 1 child and if we decide to have more, it shouldn't be too hard to put up one wall (knock on wood).

    Everything looks great so far!

    1. I got the laundry room idea from another blogger! I was a last minute decision. I am so happy I seen it.

      I assume it would be easy to frame a wall! We pretty much just have a tall wall as we go up the stairs. There is no banister on that side. The closet they basically shrunk ours by 2 ft deep. Wasn't a huge difference. :)