Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Well today we had an unexpected surprise! We stopped by the model to sign our change form for the staining selection since the color has since been swapped and doesn't at all look like what we picked. Our PM happened to be there and asked if we wanted to move up our meeting from tomorrow to today!!! Which was great because I wasn't going to be able to go.  

Our home is finally making its way down the completion stretch.  The outlets, wiring, gas lines. Plumbing and vents for exhaust and microwave have all been placed and approved!! Our insulation was completed today as well.  Our PM basically pointed out where everything was and what will happen next.  I am really satisfied at this point.  He is super nice and very attentive.  A lot of stuff I noticed he already has notes to fix or things on order.  Our dry wall is set to start Friday.  Our brick work is set to start about that time as well!  I am a little nervous about the brick because it looks slightly different than what we picked.  But our PM said once they wash it down it will match more true to what I thought.  

As for the set close/delivery he said he will get that to us tomorrow!!!! So excited!! We have got to close before our great rate expires!! He said he will do everything he can to get us there.  Without cutting corners of course.  I was horrible today and forgot to take pictures!! I was taking it all in.  

I am really hoping these storms they keep talking about aren't that bad.  I need my home to stay on track!!! Until next time....take care!!! <3


  1. so exciting! We are about a week behind you!

    1. Yippee! I love when other bloggers are close in time frame. So I can see what should be coming up next. My PM knows when I ask certain questions I have seen it on a blog LOL!

  2. Woohoooo That's a great surprise!!! Everything is looking good on your time frame....