Saturday, June 15, 2013

Drywall- Day 45

The storms rolled through and thankfully our house is still standing!! No damage or delays.  We were able to sneak over yesterday and get some pictures in the evening.  I am starting to get a little more brave with the drywall being up.  Yet, there were tons of nails everywhere!  As of right now they only have the basement remaining to get the drywall up! It only took them one day to do the upstairs and man level.  It's awesome to finally see the 4th bedroom.  We really had no idea how it would look not having the railing on that side.  But it blends great. Plus my daughters closet is fairly long and large.  Perfect for a girl!

In a previous post I mentioned our garage door was on back order. So we had a white one until it came in.  It came in yesterday!!! I am really satisfied with the color.  My husband was originally leaning more towards the white during selections but really loves that we picked the almond trim and garage now.  :) we haven't really seen anyone in the community with it.  So it was hard to envision.  

We also got really exciting news yesterday via email!

Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday....

          Morning room view
   Allexah checking out her closet

   Stairwell by Allexah's bedroom-orignal floor plan is a loft but we had it made into 4th bedroom.

    Stairs-can't wait to see the banister

    View of kitchen and morning room

    Standing in kitchen viewing living room, hallway to powder room, and study in the front

   Almond garage door

   View of front before brick

Brick may have started today!!

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day!!!


  1. Looks great! That 4th bedroom looks really cool! I had a hard time envisioning it too! But since we only have 1 child we left it a loft and it has been deemed the "man loft" or my husband's man cave lol!

  2. Everything's looking great!! We picked the almond color for the trim and garage too.... So obviously, I love it :-). It's looking pretty neat!

    Congrats on getting the dates.... One more month! Wow that's exciting!!!