Monday, June 3, 2013

We are making progress....Sneak Peek

Hey All-

I have been a little delayed with posting and responding.  Sorry!

We were able to visit our site on Friday with the Project Manager.  I am really nervous to go without a SR or PM.  Only because I heard a terrible story about a buyer going in without their rep and almost loosing a limb!!! So needless to say I will wait. 

Our experience going in was fabulous!  Our PM showed us around and explained where things would be and how they would run plumbing.  While we were there they were placing the shingles so that was a little LOUD!  It was nice to see the windows and the wrap FINALLY on.  My PM said I needed to relax and not worry about our neighbor ;) Because techinally we were ahead of them by 4 hours that day.  I couldn't help but laugh.  As my husband shook his head in embarassment.  I can't help I am SUPER excited.  We actually are leaving this week for vacation so we will be missing out on the delivery of our, brick, hvac, a/c, installation of wiring and other misc items.  Our PM has agreed to keep us posted and try to send photos!  Hopefully some of our family will stop out and take photos for us.


I have seen a few posts on here about the staining selection.  Our choice was the Ebony.  My PM mentioned there were a lot of complaints with that color selection.  That the sample portrayed a darker hue than it actually was.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Our PM has given us the option to go look again and change it if we didn't like the new sample.  He even took us to a completed home and showed us the "True" result.  I am not sure if I love it or hate it. HAHA.  I am glad that he was honest and up front about it with us.  What colors did you choose?

Hope you all had a great weeked!


  1. Great!!! I'm more impressed with your PM with your every post! That's really nice of him to give you that option to change colors! Did you take any pictures when you went to the completed house?

    Have loads of fun on your vacation!!

  2. " Only because I heard a terrible story about a buyer going in without their rep and almost loosing a limb!!!"

    Well, I didn't lose a limb but I stepped on a nail and it went into my foot. (It was outside and I was chasing after my toddler. Better him than me, but ever since then I am much more careful).