Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 57 and 23 days till closing!

It's so nice seeing my countdown get smaller.  It seems like yesterday we were at our pre-construction meeting thinking July was so far away.  Today we met our PM at 2:30 to view progress. We were told vinyl would be installed yesterday.  Which would be the mudroom,powder room and bathrooms.  When I arrived our PM informed us the flooring people no showed yesterday!!! But he located them after many calls and frustrating conversations.  And they will be out tonight!  They kind of put a kink in the schedule because installers for the cabinets had to wait on the bathrooms and trim work had to be postponed in those rooms due to the flooring not being in.  But he assured us everything will be on track tomorrow.  

Yet, to my surprise.... I walked into many unexpected completions.  It felt like Christmas!!  As we walked into the kitchen the cabinets had been Installed!!! They were gorgeous.  Trim work had been done, one coat of paint, hvac vents installed, stair well banister installed, and thermostat!!!! So many things!! It looked fantastic.  I tried to find issues but everything seemed great.  I feel really blessed that I have had such a smooth experience.  Our PM has been so attentive.  We had a few broken windows and a cracked step initially after framing.  But they were already ordered and waiting in the garage.  He told us its best to wait till the end.  You avoid them getting broken again!

I took a few photos of today! I couldn't really get any photos of the basement since its so dark.  But our meters should be installed for electric this week so we will have power and air! Woohoo 

   I love this kitchen so much

   A view from the morning room

   Basement has a rail

   Check out the banister!

   View from the master bedroom

   View going down :)

   Our double bowl waiting for installation

   The kids bathroom vanity waiting to be installed

Deal of the day!  We have been searching for our morning room lighting.  We paid extra for the rough in but decided to purchase our own light to save.  We found a 5 light chandelier on Craigslist new in the box for $40!!! Still listed at lowes for $200!!!  Whew what a relief.  Now to find a garage door opener.  We found a chamberlain at lowes for $158.  Ryan wanted to charge $495 for a Genie which is $128 at lowes lol.  So we will definitely be saving :)

Hope everyone is moving along in the building process!


  1. I don't recommend the Chamberlain 1/2-HP Power Drive Chain Garage Door Opener ($158) because of chain - too more noise, it's good for detached garage. Take a look for opener with belt.

    1. Good to know! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. LOVE your cabinets!!! Everything is looking pretty good :-)

    23 days moreYAY! its comming!!! :-)

  3. You are only three weeks away!! That is awesome. Gorgeous kitchen.

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