Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting

The excitement has officially set in. Today we met with our PM-Adam and SR-Kathleen to go over our timeline and blue prints. First I have to say our experience with Ryan Homes has been nothing but enjoyable. Everyone has been really nice and always willing to help. The stresses we experience are more things on our part with decisions.

Today was the first time we have met Adam and he really set the bar high for PM's after all the other blogs we have read. He opened with giving us his contact information and said he was there for us and to make sure our home was perfect! So anytime we want to walk through or have questions just give him a call and he will make it happen. It's nice to know someone will be there when we can't to double check the contractors work.

They gave us an estimated walk through/close date of July 18th!!!! He said that could give or take a week dependent on weather. We went over blue prints as to where light fixtures would be and any upgrades we selected. Seeing the blue print with our name on it made the experience that much more real!! We also seen our lot layout once the home is built. I am so happy with our lot selection. Kathleen our SR really went above and beyond helping us with the lot and exterior choices. The other great news Adam delivered is that he hopes to break ground on Monday April 29th!!!! Which we were thinking May 1st. Woohoo

After the exciting meeting updates we headed over to our lot with the PM to see the stake out of our home plot. He pointed out where our driveway and front door would be and start. I can't wait to actually see the house.

Last...we actually got to go inside the floor plan we are building! We have never seen the actual floor plan in person. I walked in and was in heaven!!!!!!!! Greg's jaw hit the floor. I don't know why I thought it was going to be a little smaller. But it was Huge! They of course had their own color selections but it was still so nice. I can't wait to call it our home.

Our next update will hopefully be pictures of them breaking ground! As for financing we are in underwriting with NVR now and should have an answer tomorrow. It all comes down to locking rates and who has the best rate and closing cost!! I can't complain though. Dean with NVR has been really helpful in making sure we understand everything.

Until next time...God Bless <3

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