Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*Day two*

All day I kept hoping and praying they would make more progress on our lot. I didn't actually get to see it yesterday. Greg and the kids went by after work. So after work this evening I decided to take a trip out. To my surprise they had it evened out and cut the lot like our home! They also had the braces for the basement footers to start pouring this week. You can actually see the outline for the garage.

I didn't actually hear from our PM today. He did say that he would check in with us towards the end of the week with progress notes.

Underwriting is still in progress!!!! I am starting to get annoyed by the repeat paperwork requests. I know it's standard but it is still annoying. Tomorrow we are meeting with Union Saving bank to finalize the application process with them. I am taking the final draft to NVR for comparisons. I refuse to pay more than necessary.

I hope to drive by the site again tomorrow since it is my early day off. Crossing my fingers this fabulous weather gets us ahead of schedule. I have high ambitions on the second day. Ha!

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