Friday, April 19, 2013

Long over due for an update....

Oh my! Where to start? Since my last blog we have completed the sale of our previous home and have been living with family. We have completed pretty much all of the paperwork and deposits needed for our building process.

Completed removal of Contingent offer
Completed upgrade selections
Made flooring Selections

Met with Guardian and made wiring selections (make sure to allow at least 2 hrs for this appointment. Also, do your homework on their products before the meeting. It will help the process. We did not do our homework.)
Pre-Construction meeting set for April 24th (we will get the estimated delivery date!)

We break ground on the 1st!!

We have selected the Florence model. We really loved this floor plan because the Loft can be changed into an optional 4th bedroom. So we chose to add the extra bedroom. Below are the other upgrades we have selected.

Main Level
Granite counter tops
Recessed lighting in kitchen
Maple cognac cabinets
Oak laminate hardwood (kitchen, dining, morning room and foyer.)
Morning room add on
Gourmet island in kitchen
Oak stair banisters
Moved the laundry room to the basement to utilize the room between garage and kitchen as a mud room.
Level 2 carpet in living room, family room and hall with 8lb pad
Light rough in Morning room

Second level
Maple cognac cabinets in both master and hall bath
Double sink in master bath
Level 2 carpet and 8lb pad
4th bedroom instead of loft
Standard vinyl in bathrooms

Finished basement
Laundry room hook up in basement
Level 1 carpet in basement with 8lb pad
Pre-wire and mount for TV in basement
Hardwired for Internet/cable throughout home

We will have a brick wrap around and 2 car garage. Professional landscaping with sod in front and on sides if the home. They will seed the back.

*Things we are doing ourselves*

Installing our own garage door system Ryan charges $495 and we can get them at Lowes for much less.
Water Softener Rough in Ryan charges $595 and we can do that ourselves
Deck/patio Ryan charges $2495 we can get someone else :)
Paint Ryan will paint a flat option of 4 choices for $1195. I would rather have the colors I want and a satin finish!

All in all things have been really stressful when it comes to picking everything you want and staying in budget! It's very easy to get carried away. Financing wise we are set to go with Ryan homes mortgage company NVR. But we have been shopping around because I have found a bank that will pay our closing costs. Which is a big deal compared to what Ryan quoted us. I have sent over the good faith from the bank who has offered to pay closing and I am waiting for NVR to respond. Basically, if you use NVR they will give you a credit of $6995. If you do not they try not to offer it unless you can prove there are better options. Which is what I am trying to do. The fees at closing are a lot higher than what the banks are quoting me. So fingers crossed!!

Below I have attached some photos of the Florence Model along with our flooring selections. Enjoy and until next time... God Bless!


  1. Hey! Just found your blog....

    Congratulation on your decision to build your new home!! :-)

    We are building with Ryan homes too, in TN. We chose the Lincolnshire model. check it out:
    Seems like we are the first one to build that... I did not find any blogs :-) But all the fellow bloggers have be so helpful!

    You made some great selections. I love your cabinets!!

  2. Also, may I suggest turning off the word verification on comments and posts? It make it easier for people to comment on your posts! Something other bloggers had suggested for me! :-)

    Settings>Post and Comments> Show Word Verification>OFF

    1. Thank you for the advice!! I wondered why I didn't have many comments :)

  3. Did you order Low voltage wiring for future garage door opener?

    1. No our SR and Pm told us it was already installed :) so no extra wiring needed! Wooohooo