Saturday, April 20, 2013

Exterior Color Selections

Happy Saturday!

Next thing on the blogging agenda is our Exterior Color Selections. With the Florence model and any other Ryan model for that matter. You have the option to choose between many Elevations. Of course price is involved with all the elevations. It would be from something as simple as all vinyl siding, partial vinyl and brick, partial vinyl and stone or all brick/stone. Also, the elevation can change the appearance of the home. The tricky thing is that you cannot choose the same elevation as your neighbor. You also cannot have the same color scheme.

Our choices--

We chose Elevation B with the all brick wrap. Normally a cost of $4995 just to choose that layout but our SR waived the charge! Awesome right?!?

Selections below along with a picture to follow....

Brick color- Sugar Creek which is a lighter brick. We weren't really into the dark reds and browns.

Siding (Only on the sides near the roof)- Autumn tan beige

Shutter color- Dark Berry (has a deep purple hue)

Front Door color- Marooned (wine colored). I really thought about a red front door. But everyone in the neighborhood obviously thought that too. HAHA so I picked an in between.

Exterior Trim, garage door and gutters- Almond

Roof Color- Weathered wood which is standard throughout the community.

Thankfully, your exterior choices are included in the prices other than the elevation of course.

In the pictures below you will see our lot which is 211. You will also see the new clubhouse that should be completed by the time we move in. It will include a pool, playground and fitness center. Which if course means we have an HOA Fee. We hope its as nice as the picture portrays. Also, we can see the clubhouse from our back door. So it's really close.

Also, attached is the floor plan layout. You can kind of see the optional features. This is where I mean you can get carried away. Adding extra doors, windows and lights. Also, keep in mind you can always ask to see if things can be moved. I have been following other Ryan bloggers and got some really great ideas. Do as much homework as you can. Once you pick your upgrades and selections. You cannot change it when the production order is placed. Which can be a bummer! I missed out on something's.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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