Monday, November 11, 2013


Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this. Our baseboards at the seam where they meet are separating. I am sure with the settling of the house.  It really is an eye sore in some areas though.  Is this something I should bring up to my PM at the 10 month inspection?  Or is this something to be expected in general?

Also, the trim around my entry door from my garage has a lot of defects and the door seems too as well.  The paint job actually seems to make it worse.  Is this something you would deal with or have them fix?  Sometimes I over react so I want to make sure.  Please be honest HA!  Our garage door is missing paint in several areas from where it has peeled and chipped.  I just feel like after 3 months it should still look "new."

:) Thanks for your help in advance!


  1. We had the same issue in a few spots with our baseboards. Definitely mention it at your 10 month inspection. They'll probably just caulk the seams so you don't see them anymore.

    If it bothers you... mention it! The worst that'll happen is they'll say they won't fix it. They addressed just about everything on our list, no matter how minor. We are still waiting on a few fixes, but they are scheduled.

  2. Mention EVERYTHING. I already have a list. They will fix anything and everything. Settlement issues are covered by warranty. Don't feel bad asking them to fix something, it's their job!

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  4. The paint around our door in the morning room is peeling... it is pretty terrible looking, too! I plan to mention it at our ten month, but until then it still looks bad!