Thursday, January 30, 2014

HOA Fees are now a reality!

We came from a typical family neighborhood that didn't have any HOA fees.  We also didn't have all the amenities we have now.  I can honestly say paying the quarterly amount wasn't fun since it is cold and I can't even fathom using the pool at this time.  Our fitness center is not the greatest.  I haven't personally been in it.  I have peeked through the windows though.  We have 2 treadmills and weight equipment.  Our community is HUGE.  I think they could have gotten a few more treadmills.  Our play area is great though. I am excited for the kids to get more use out of it once the weather warms up.

Update on our kitchen flooring. I just received a call from Rite Rug.  They will be coming out and replacing the whole section of our kitchen that is bubbled up.  We have the laminate "wood" appearance floors.  It looks like when they laid it.  The contractor used a little too much force installing them and they bubbled up from pressure.  I am so glad they are doing this.  It was a pet peeve for sure.

My husband and I are currently working on a pinterest craft.  I have been searching for an old fire place mantel.  I found a fairly large one at the Antique store.  He sanded it and primed it last night.  So hopefully we will have it painted to hang this weekend.  We are placing the mantel in our front room.  To serve as a nice sitting area. I am sooooooo excited.  Our new catalog with my candle company launched and we have some really cute colors that are coming out.  So I am ready to decorate the mantel ASAP.

Our deck is also completely built.  The last thing we need to do is stain it.  Which will have to be when the wind chills are not -40!

Once we finish the mantel I will post pictures and some of the deck as well.  I hope you all are staying warm!

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