Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Energy Savings---and still waiting for 30 day inspections!

Energy Saving Program!

For those of you already in your beautiful homes and receiving an energy bill.  My husband and I were referred by our neighbor to this program. You basically at no cost can lock your KWH rate for as long as 12 months.  In our case our electric company was charging 9.7 KWH.  We were able to lock for 12 months at 6.29.  Which is a savings of 30-50/mo!  If you are interested visit this website and check your local rates :)


Update on our home:

We are supposed to have our 30 day inspections this Friday.  Which is actually 45 days!!!  I had to email a few times about this.  Also, I did fill out my survey about our experience.  I didn't give all 10's.  I had a few 8's and 9's.  Only in areas with workmanship and carpet quality.  On our PM in communication I gave a 9 and listed beside in commentary.  That he was overall fabulous! Yet, I think they need someone to assist the PM's after closing with follow up inspection issues.  They have way too many other things going on!!!

Overall, I am still in love with our home.  It is so surreal to say my husband and I are home owners of a new space.  Getting back in the swing of bills though since we went 5 months without a house payment is not fun!! HAHA

Pictures soon I promise!


  1. Nice energy tip. We should be closing sometime in the near future(our last Monday close was delayed)and I am thrilled and terrified.

  2. I tried out that website but it is only for certain States and my state isn't one of them (South Carolina). Our 30 day repairs are being done today. Not looking forward to the noise and mess!