Thursday, January 5, 2017

Siding and Counters (12/10/2016)

Today we visited our home again with my mom.  She works such a crazy schedule she didn't even know where our lot was!! More surprises today, they started siding yesterday and installed counters (partially).  Check out the photos below!

These are still not the cabinet doors we selected....the granite color is correct though!

Siding started and we LOVE!!!!! It is beautiful.

Below is a photo of the actual model home we toured of the Palermo and had the kitchen inspiration from.  In this picture you can see what the cabinets should look like.

More exciting news--- When we originally planned for our home we were told the three car garage would have a full concrete driveway.  However, at our pre-construction meeting they let us know that they had changed the third car to a skirt vs the full length.  My husband has a decent sized truck so he would not really fit in that space.  We asked our PM about having the other done in the spring when they poured our driveway.  It would of course be an additional cost.  He took it upon himself to go to his manager and ask for ours and another home being built to be grandfathered into the old plan.  We were given false expectations when we signed and he felt we deserved it.  It was approved and he called us with the fantastic news! Our PM ROCKS :) 

All else is going smooth! Carpet will be installed this week.  As mentioned in previous posts we did basic so I am worried about how it will feel. I tossed around replacing the carpet before we move in, but my family says we need to wear it out a few years and replace later.  I am not a fan of the vinyl all over our main level.  So I can't wait to cover that up the day we close.

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